The Texas Lovebirds is a crazy, joyful show with lots of audience participation

You might remember Donna Stevens (the creator of the Texas Lovebirds) from the hilarious 90’s touring show, ‘The Cow Patty’s’.  Or you might know her as DonnaLou Stevens, a ‘YouTube Sensation’ with her viral musical anthem video, ‘OLDER LADIES’, which to date has racked up close to 17 MILLION views! 


Her singin’ partner, Donna Louise Lipman (yes, they have the same name) has sung with Peter Yarrow (Peter, Paul and Mary), the late John Denver and has performed cabaret in Austin for many years. Unbeknownst to them for most of their 25 year friendship, the voices of the two DonnaLous’ blend like golden, whipped honey butter! These two lovely ladies are musically supported by a talented and quirky group of musicians. Put ‘em all together and you’re guaranteed to have their songs stuck in your head for a good, long while!


No matter if you know them or not, the two DonnaLou’s and the Texas Lovebirds create some of the most fun, funny and often uplifting music one could ever hear. The Lovebirds invite you to be a part of this wacky and wonderful ‘theatrical band’ experience.  You’ll go home with grins on your faces and smiles in your hearts.

One Peformance Only!

October 27th at 2:30 pm

Ticket Prices

$20 General Admission

$15 Seniors/Military/Veterans

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