February 8th, 10:00- 12:00


Bastrop Opera House presents Hello! My Baby April 24th - May 9th.  Auditions are being held on Saturday February 8th at 10:00 a.m. as an open call cold read for male and female actors ages 15-60's.

Please be prepared to sing 16 bars from song of your choice and bring sheet music for piano accompanist. 

From debutante balls to Delancey Street, Hello! My Baby reboots the greatest hits of Irving Berlin, The Gershwins, Eubie Blake and more, weaving their updated classics and fresh, new tunes into a comic valentine set on the gritty sidewalks of New York at the turn of the last century. From Emmy Award winner, Cheri Steinkellner (Sister Act), comes a hysterical romantic farce that is fun for all ages.

Mickey McKee, teen King of the Song-Pluggers, dreams of writing the next crackerjack million-selling hit-song. Only he can't write a note... until he meets Betty Gold, a seamstress in a factory, who is bursting with music and moxie. She becomes Mickey's partner/sweetheart/arch-nemesis when she pulls on the trousers that she once sewed to be named the new King of the Pluggers. As they navigate first love, class-struggles, social reform, street-gangs, tap-shoes and ukuleles, Mickey, Betty and company make Tin Pan Alley sing and dance again, selling the songs that we're all still humming a hundred years later.

Director: Lisa Holcomb

Music Director: Leslie Young

Rehearsals will begin late February.

Show dates:

April 24, 25  at 7:30 pm

May 1, 2, 8, 9 at 7:30 pm

May 3 at 2:30 pm

Casting without prejudice.

Cast characters:

Albie And Artie Coots

Brothers. Mama's boys who long to bring the old-fashioned family music-publishing business into the 1900s. Baritones/ with strong falsetto, must hold tight harmonies.

Gender: Male  Ages 16- 25

Alice Tierney

A whimsical debutante who falls for Ned. Sweet lyric soprano.

Gender: Female 15- 25

Bert Coots

A mild-mannered milquetoast who loves Gilbert and Sullivan. Solid character baritone, and fast-patter (Modern Major General).

Gender: Male 18-20's

Betty Gold / Buddy O'reilly

A feisty teen factory-worker who passes as a boy to plug Tin Pan Alley tunes. Strong comedy required, a belter who can sound like a boy. Prototype: A young Judy Garland.

Gender: Female 15-early 20's

Dickie The Duck And Kid Vicious

Johnny's henchmen. Strong and funny character types with strong movement - tumbling an asset! Character Baritones.

Gender: Male  16- early 20's

Ethel Coots

The pants in the Coots family and boss at Coots Classics Music Publishing. Strong belter, Sophie Tucker/Merman sound.

Gender: Female Late 30's -60's

Frances Gold

Plainspoken, hardworking eldest Gold sister, who discovers her romantic side with a young uptown gentleman. Strong belt/mix.

Gender: Female  16-20's

Johnny Giovanni

A teen mug from Five Points, who, due to a childhood accident, speaks in rhyme. Character baritone.

Gender: Male  16-Late 20's

Junior Tierney

A Yale-man who finds the depth of his love on the Lower East Side. Lyric baritone - legit, but not operatic.

Gender: Male 20's-early 30's


Johnny's mail-order bride, fresh off the boat from Sicily. Belt/mix.

Gender: Female 18-20's

Mickey Mckee

Brash and funny Bowery street-kid who dreams of becoming the next Irving Berlin; in love with Betty and fierce rivals with her alter-ego, Buddy. Juvenile tenor. Young Mickey Rooney

Gender: Male 16-early 20's

Stanford J. Tierney

Grandfather of Junior and Alice, a rich and powerful land baron who threatens the Gold's neighborhood with demolition.

Gender: Male 40-60's

Violet Gold

The baby in the Gold family, irrepressible with a strong belt/mix.

Gender: Female 16-early 20's


Gender Any:  All Ages.  

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