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"Raise the Roof" to repair the roof
Bastrop, Texas
"Raise the Roof Fundraiser" 

When you visit the Bastrop Opera House, you are visiting a piece of Bastrop and Texas history.  Bastrop merchants P. Otto Elzner and S.D. Green agreed to build the Opera House in 1889 at a reported cost of $15,000.  Now 113 year later, more than three times that amount is needed just to repair the roof to preserve this unique piece of history. 

The historic Bastrop Opera House has launched an emergency capital campaign to repair the roof. We have a ways to go, but we will get there with your help.  Thank you to all who of you who donated, entertained, volunteered, participated, appreciated, and joined us.  Contributors and Donors Thank You List.
Please keep those donations pouring in, so we can stop the rain from pouring in.

The Bastrop Opera House is the heart of live theater in Bastrop county and needs to be preserved. The funding of a new roof is crucial.  After the incredible heat of last summer, the rain of this new year have pointed out more leaks in the over-twenty-year-old tin roof.  With contraction and expansion the nails have popped out and where there had been tar and sealant along the down spout alleys, cracks have occurred.  Rather than merely patching repeatedly what is there, a complete overhaul needs to be initiated.  Therefore, several fundraising activities have happened including using special music programs like the Classic Country Music Show, where the proceeds are placed in our building fund for a preservation project of this nature, but we have yet to raise the money needed.

You may send a donations for the "roof restoration project" to the Bastrop Opera House, P.O. Box 691, Bastrop, Texas 78602.  You may also make an online donation of any amount on the Bastrop Opera House site at, or you may donate by clicking this button, and entering how much you'd like to donate.

Special thanks to these donors and volunteers:
Susan Windel
Mrs. Evans

Dallas Wayne
Sister Sue
Tom Morris
Randy Bishop
John Buehler
Rick Weiss
Arnie Craig
Maxines on Main

Vinnie E. L. Boone
Elizabeth Sartain
Charles Mandelbaum
Alexander Rannie
Jean Zurow
Russell Godwin
Dennelle Gibbins-Lyon
Bill and Pat Crawford
Bastrop Presbyterian Fellowship

Randy Bishop
Jim Blischke
Gloria Boudreau
James  Bradfute
Mike  Brooks
Muriel Britton
Eleanor Buchhorn
Shirley Cain
Twila Charter
Kathy Clayton
Park Craig
Sam Damon
Kathy Danielson
Patrick  Darcey
Jerry Decker
Clyde  Dowdle
Kathryn Dowlearn
Engela Edwards
Chester Eitze
Linda Fish
Terry Fletcher
Alice Fowler
Richard Geiger
Linda Green
Shari  Griswold
Ruth Groth
Colin Guerra
Raymond Hannusch
Joel  Hargrove
Janet Havel
Bryan Hoff
Gayla  Hoffman
Lisa Holcomb
Will Holcomb
Anne Holland
Diana Judd
Zana  Jones
James Krauss
David Lewis
Sharon  Lout
Dolores Lundgren
Larry Lynn
Joanne McCoy
Diane  McNew
John  Meister
Brett  Mills
Terry Lyne Moore
Billy Morris
Patricia Okeeffe
David Phillips
Wanda Phillips
Shirley Pickett
Tracie Platt
Ralph  Porter
Willard  Rainwater
Michael Reeser
Sandra Robinson
Denise Rogers
Raymond E Seymore
Dana Smith
Ann Tankersley
John Taberner
Jimmie Ann Vaughan
Roger Ward
Susan Wendel
Sue Williford
Judy  Wilson
Donald  Wright
and More

Joanne McCoy

On July 28, 2012. bakers, cooks, confectioners, chefs, and pastry makers with big hearts and willing hands donated their luscious creations of their red-velvet recipes, to the Opera House!  They were judged, and the next day Opera House patrons purchased them in an auction to raise money to repair the Opera House roof.

The seven judges from Austin chose Joanne McCoy's delicious red velvet cake as the winner! 
Honorable mentions were:  Sam Damon, Denise Rogers, and Will Holcomb.
Cooking for the Opera House. (graphic Engela Edwards)

Bastrop, Texas

Join the advertising campaign from Bastrop's award-winning community theatre, the historic Bastrop Opera House©. We offer several ways for your business to be exposed to over 4,000 visitors who join our local residents in their attendance of Opera House functions.
Production Sponsors:
Plays cost money to present due to royalty charges for playwright and publishers, play scripts, and production materials. Musicals cost even more--from larger royalties, rental packages, deposits, and other fees that must be paid up front before any work on production can be undertaken.

We offer the opportunity for your business, organization, or corporation to underwrite the run of a Bastrop Opera House© theatrical production. If you are interested in the benefits associated with underwriting, please e-mail  and a representative will contact you!

You may wish to simply make a donations.

For further information or comments, please contact Chester Eitze, Executive Director, at 512-321-6283, or e-mail

The Bastrop Opera House© is a non-profit, 501(c)(3) arts organization.

Bastrop, Texas
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